Tom McRae - Tom McRae
Tom McRae - Just Like Blood
Psychid - Digging For Victory
The High and Lonesome - From The Playground
Doudou Cissoko - Dimbaya

db records

We hope to find artists that we love both in terms of recording and as people. In turn the artist will find a creative home and gain all our experience from 40 years in A&R.

db a&r management

Now using our experience to help new artists become successful, we guide careers through management and A&R with a deep love and knowledge of music.

db the man

In a business of overnight sensations, David Bates’s three decades in music are evidence of an exceptional ear and rare determination and passion.

db finestkind

Legendary British A&R Manager David Bates presents an ever-expanding collection of exquisitely curated playlists and mixtapes.